Let's Go to the Mall

A smile and insane case of the giggles always follows after watching the Robin Sparkles video. It's just downright funny and quite catchy (I’m not going to lie the song’s been stuck in my head since I heard it)! Plus anyone close to my age can remember a. wearing those types of clothes out in public and b. being obsessed with a some teenybopper* icon who sang tunes like the one on How I Met Your Mother.

And that's probably why I enjoy How I Met Your Mother so much. I often feel that the writers have somehow tapped into conversations and goofy antics that my friends have been up to throughout our lives. It’s one of the few sitcoms where I openly laugh out loud at and like all of the characters. Like I said these characters remind me of people in my life.

These characters are struggling to find their place in the world of careers, life, education and love. It’s great fun to watch their progression in comparison to my own.

My only wish is that I could have Josh Radnor type in my life too, but I’m not going push it. So if you haven’t checked out the show, definitely give it a try. I promise you won’t regret the revelations of Swarley.

*Teenybopper – is a group of teenage kids that SPE refers to seeing throughout town (especially at the Malco Paradiso). Apparently at one point in your life you will be in this phase willingly or not…lol


So leave out the others, baby, say I'm the only one

So leave out the others, baby, say I'm the only one...That's right it was Pete Yorn singing directly to me and a small intimate crowd tonight at the New Daisy theatre in Memphis. Here is the complete set list from one of the best live shows I've seen in a while:

  1. splendid isolation (warren zevon)
  2. life on a chain
  3. for us
  4. georgie boy
  5. bandstand in the sky
  6. vampyre
  7. i feel good again (junior kimbrough)
  8. sense
  9. june
  10. alive
  11. closet
  12. there is a light that never goes out (the smiths)
  13. baby i'm gone
  14. just another
  15. crystal village
  16. for nancy

for an encore he entertained us with:

  1. strange condition
  2. broken bottle
  3. murray
  4. suspicious minds (elvis presley)

My friends and I encoutered the occasional shout out from a fan behind me who kept repeating, "Pete - I WANT your hat!" There were a few other statements mentioned, but this is a family friendly site so I will leave you with the hat comment.

And there were the occasional restless drunk, 'but i'm 21" college girls trying to take over our personal space with Pete! No worries my “chicken wings” were armed and ready to defend our personal space with honor and integrity. Unfortunately the “wings” were a bit defunct against a smelly boy wielding a camera. If only I had the insight to whack him upside the head and take his Pete photos to go! (grrrr...that darn broken plasma screen on my camera saddens me to no end)

Really though it was an incredible concert with a ton of energy. I was only saddened that Burrito didn’t make the cut (since that was the whole reason Janky came to the show). But he definitely made up for it with his killer covers of The Smiths and Elvis.

I’m not going to lie it would have been awesome to hear him cover "Just My Imagination" too, but you will hear no complaints from me because I came home happy as a clam (with a ton of my favorite songs played).

Again, to my friends eagerly awaiting my completion of my stories from Europa, Europa - my apologies. I hope to get back on track with posting those really soon. Until then I will leave you with my hot, yet blurry pics of my boy Pete (seriously these don't do him justice):

I will leave you with one final thought from me - "It's a strange condition filled with suspicious minds"


Acts of kindness

I know I haven't finished posting all my trip stories, but I'm must cut into my regularly scheduled posting (or lack there of) to post a quick note.

Today I received an unexpected gift – a new Ipod. It was quite a shock to me because it came from my former boss (he departed over the summer), who had talked about getting them for our whole team sometime last year. To be honest, I never believed that I was going to receive a new Ipod when the discussion arose. Mainly because sometimes I’m usually from the school of realists and believe those types of things don’t generally come to fruition, especially for me. And because most gifts like that don’t tend to fall out of the sky ;-).

So I never really thought much about after the initial conversation. But low and behold today I opened a package up old marketing materials sent over to me and inside was a gift of a shiny new Ipod and a note. And it just happened to come from the nicest people I’ve encountered in my life (no he did not buy me off with an ipod to say this for him).

Really, my former boss Jim just happens to be one of the nicest people I encountered in my life. He’s an honest, caring, professional and personable man. I was truly lucky to be able to work with someone who cared not just about what he did in and outside of his job, but the people who surrounded him too. That’s kind of an ironic statement in our day and age (especially in a corporate environment that promotes and praises people with a cut-throat nature).

I just hope one day that I will be able to take a page from Jim’s playbook. My hope is that I will be able to practice some of the same leadership characteristics that he showed me by leading with support, kindness and encouragement. So I'm dedicating my latest playlist to him and all his future endeavors as he settles into his new freelancing life:

  1. Leather – Tori Amos
  2. Life In a Nutshell – Barenaked Ladies
  3. Shakin’ – Rooney
  4. Hey Girl – Dashboard Confessionals
  5. Immobile – Autour De Lucie
  6. Norwegian Wood – The Beatles
  7. This Charming Man – The Smiths
  8. Hold Me – Fleetwood Mac
  9. Eastern Glow – Album Leaf
  10. Seaside – The Kooks
  11. German Test Drive – Spymob
  12. Crystal Village – Pete Yorn
  13. Proof – Coldplay
  14. With Or Without You – U2
  15. I’ll Find A Way – Rachel Yamagata