Trivia Tuesday

Last night I helped guest host a wicked awesome music round at trivia with my pals Beth & Sam at the P&H.

It MAY only be infamous to us local Memphians, but the P&H is a place I've known well since my high school days. My connection to the P&H started through my co-workers Lori & Todd of the Fine Grind (you may recall it as the coffee shop in the mall that existed before there were 5 Starbucks on Poplar Ave or before it was hip to be called Barista – Anyway I digress). I remember that they would sit and discuss the happenings of Ms. Wanda and the rest of the P&H crowd. They were not just patrons, but fixtures to this establishment like Ms. Wanda and her hat collection. And I'm not ashamed to admit it, but for a while Lori & Todd opened my eyes to the entire cool, hip happenings that reached beyond my East Memphis abode.

I became reacquainted with the P&H when I returned to Memphis. I started playing trivia regularly on Tuesday night with folks from Thompson & Co. As we drank away our brain cells throughout the night, we always seemed to rack up a few points. We even took away a cash prize now and then that covered most of our drinks and food. How can you pass up beers, burgers and brain busters?

Last night however I got to pretend to be an actual host…My round I thought was genius! A round of cover songs. All you needed to do was answer the name of the song, the original artist and the cover artist. Of course there were some naysayers, but overall I thought it was a solid round. I even got a request on the spot to burn them a copy of the killer cover mix. So for you pleasure, here was my trivia round:

Tears of a Clown – Original by: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Covered by: The English Beat
Love Song – Original: The Cure, Covered by:311
More Than This – Original: Roxy Music, Covered by:10,000 Maniacs
Where Is My Mind – Original: The Pixies, Covered by:Placebo
Wonderwall – Original: Oasis, Covered by:Ryan Adams
Panic – Original: The Smiths, Covered by:Pete Yorn
Hazy Shade Of Winter – Original: Simon & Garfunkel, Covered by:The Bangles
Against All Odds – Original: Phil Collins, Covered by:Postal Service
Breaking Us In Two – Original: Joe Jackson, Covered by:Mandy Moore
Baker Street – Original: Gerry Rafferty, Covered by:Foo Fighters
Solitary Man – Original: Neil Diamond, Covered by:Chris Isaak
Wild Horses – Original: Rolling Stones, Covered by:The Sundays


And we'll all float on…

If there was an application to be a professional pool floater, I would so be all over filling out an application for that gig! Yesterday, I found myself enjoying something I don’t get to do that often anymore – relaxing in the pool & poolside. And as an added bonus, I was not escorting any children. This meant I was able to utilize my free swim for indulging in sheer pleasure of floating on a raft in piece. No need for spending the afternoon as the human jungle gym or supervising monkey like behavior in any way, shape or form.

It was just me, a few friends, a vacation friend’s pool, some awesome music (courtesy of some of my killer mix cds) and a vast assortment of tropical smoothie smoothies. All we had to do was show up and soak up some sun*.

What a lackadaisical way to celebrate the passing of another 4th of July. My only wish was that the dream like state of yesterday could have lasted for the a few more days. It was a hard reality check heading back into the office this morning.

*My only regret was not applying enough sun screen, I got a tad bit scorched by the warm rays