Unemployed but not for long...

So I began my stint of being unemployed on Friday, May 18, 2007. And I'm not going to lie it's been quite enjoyable. It's funny how a little time off can do you a bit of good. I've been able to catch up on many weeks of missed sleep.

I also ventured out of state to Chicago to visit my sister. Let me say it was quite the adventure. Sarah (who is also unemployed) and I made a quick little jaunt up to Windy City. It was packed with many memories to fill a lifetime. And good thing Sarah was such a sport for a riding the Ferris Wheel (once) at Navy Pier and braving a car ride with my sister and I all over the city. The trip was packed with all the shopping, sights, laughs and many a wonderful filling meals that you could pack into 72-hours.
Since my return from Chi-town, I've been able to start the massive CLEAN-UP effort on my house and spend time with friends. And everything was going on track for a great time off, until I waylaid myself with a back strain. Please note that futon mattresses look heavier then they appear.

So since the great mattresses move of Memorial Day weekend 2007, I've been laid up on the couch watching bad TV and movies. I even consulted Dr. Lisa who confirmed that my self-diagnosis treatment of rest, icy/hot and Advil would lead me down the path of recovery. And this rehabilitation sequence needs to make a miraculous resurgence since my unemployment is coming to a rapid end this Friday, June 1st.


Mr. T says...

"Treat your mother right!"

Happy Mother's Day!


Beale Street Musicfest 2007

Memphis in May…Beale St. Music Festival…World Championship BBQ Contest…The Sunset Symphony. All the events intended to salute and highlight a country recognized by the city of Memphis. All being highlighted in hottest, stickiest and rainiest month in the mid-south! This year we are saluting Spain, but the reality this event usually only captures 3 things key concepts:

1. Music
2. Food/Drink
3. Mud

I mean Memphis in Mud is always an exciting spectacle. The people watching alone could send you into a sensory overload. Yesterday I ventured downtown in a slight drizzle for the last day of musicfest. Besides seeing the likes of Guster, The Barenaked Ladies and Corinne Bailey Rae. I was treated to some wonders to surely behold.

I saw a nice fellow who was shirtless. He was kind enough to not just tidy his chest hair by waxing it away. No, no he really wanted to make a statement, so he shaped his chest hair like a yellow smiley sticker. Enough said – the site was branded in my brain.

Then there was the little girl who was cleansing herself in the mud, yards away from her mother. Now I know lots of folks who pay good money to get covered in mud at the spa. But this was no ordinary mud – it was mud created, by rain, spit, spilled beverages and who knows what. I fear that kid might now be toxic. My suggestion would be to quickly get her some shots or at least a flea dip – stat!
I also ran into or saw countless kids that I’ve known since they were small children, who are now running around by themselves enjoying the festivities. And then we had our close encounter to Ed Robertson (lead singer of The Barenaked Ladies) who brushed past us not just once but twice!

Truly it’s just a surreal event where people of all ages converge to listening to music, gorge themselves on fair food or become entwined in the exhibition. Let’s just be grateful it’s an event where gawking, dancing in the mud and singing at the top of your lungs is approved and recommended!

Top Nine Live Songs from Beale St. Music Festival I heard yesterday:
1. Fa Fa – Guster
2. C’mon – Guster
3. Brazil – Guster
4. Satellite - Guster
5. Brain Wilson – The Barenaked Ladies
6. Break Your Heart – The Barenaked Ladies
7. Straw Hat And Old Dirty Hank – The Barenaked Ladies
8. Pinch Me – The Barenaked Ladies
9. Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae



This song is reminder of the old 96x, learning to drive, sophomore year and two-a-day summer soccer practices. Now it’s once again permanently stuck in the rotation of my mind after hearing the opening riff at trivia last night. It also is a reminder of Jan’s old default ring tone. I’m so in need of a new tune to distract me from this last splash…


Strawberry Fields Forever

Like all good things in life, some things are best shared or revealed by your friends. And that’s exactly how I was introduced to the downtown Memphis Farmers Market. My good pal Jess spent a year in town clerking for a judge and living downtown. Now she’s back to hustle and bustle of NYC.

But during her time here we took many trips around the city where I introduced her to some of my favorite people, place and things in Memphis. And she of course lured me downtown for some unexpected adventures too. One of my favorites memories of Jess living in Memphis has to be her fondness for The Cheesecake Corner, The Arcade and the Memphis Farmers Market.

The Cheesecake Corner and The Arcade were old hat to me after working downtown, but the open air market at the old train station - now that was an adventure. I had previously visited farmers markets in NYC, Kansas, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and the small one at Agrocenter in East Memphis.

But never had I been to such fun and inviting farmers market experience. And it was found here in Memphis - bonus! It’s nice to have an outdoor market that offers fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, jams and more. The family friendly atmosphere offers more then just fresh food. It offers music, entertainment and human interaction. The weeks are always highlighted by a weekly theme that supports the delicious goods being produced by local Mid-South farmers.

This week “Strawberry Fields Forever” theme promises lots and lots of fresh scrumptious strawberries. I’m hoping to be able to venture down there to indulge in some fresh berries. Anyone care to join me?