Band Of Horses

What can I say...I'm still blown away by the Band of Horses show I went to last night at the Hi-Tone. Great Music. Great People. Great Fun. Best of all the show was $13. It's probably the best live music bargain I've gotten in a while.

Many of you know I've been raving about the Band of Horses over the last few months. That or maybe I've just inundated you with some of their songs. But really I can't help but gush over them. I just can't help but to sing along! I love sound and the lyrics. And every time I spin either album I discover that I don't want to tune them out or skip a song. So they've become a heavy favorite in my rotation.

Plus they put on one heck of a live show, even with all the bearded/mountain men in attendance or performing. Here is a short clip from last night:

Hopefully in the coming days I will be able to provide a complete playlist. Until then you will have to suffice with my memory of them playing some of my favorites like Ode To LRC, No One's Gonna Love You , The Great Salt Lake, The Funeral & Cigarettes, Wedding Bands. Plus they sprinkled in a Chicago & CCR cover.
I would highly recommend listening to a few Band of Horses tunes or seeing them live. They will not disappoint!

PS - Yes, the prospect of some good tunes really did ease my pain about KU's lost to K-State.


Inspector Rachiley

One of my coworkers is always coming into the office with fantastic hats, boots and coats. Her style is very natural, playful and funky, yet always professional. Ahh let's just call her hip, fashion corporate barbie. Anyway, she comes in daily with always one piece that attracts attention. Actually most folks in my office have a very good since of style. And because we all sit so close, a lot of discussion seems to ensue about clothes, hair, celebrity gossip, etc.

So yesterday I decided that maybe, just maybe despite my wacky hair that I could partake in this hat craze. Especially since it's been so darn cold as of late. So here I am below attempting to try on one of fc barbie's hats:

GO Rach GO!

Ok, maybe I'm not ready to pull off that fashion trend like that since I look more like inspector gadget - the tacky khaki trench coat...Maybe I'll just stick to the conversations celebrity gossip, books, movies and music.


Children’s Benadryl – Grape Flavored!

I’m sitting at my desk this afternoon hopped up on Children’s grape chewable Benadryl tablets.

You may be asking yourself two questions:

1. Why the need for Benadryl?
2. And if you do need Benadryl, why the need for the children’s chewable format?


A. I had an allergic reaction yesterday, which could have been caused by a multitude of irritants none of which I can firmly pinpoint. But what remains is an itchy rash all over my upper torso area. Lucky me, right?

B. I have a very sensitive palate and honestly sometimes I feel the chewables are much more user friendly. And trust me friends when you are itchy, cranky and don’t want to take any medication you do things to fool yourself. Even if that means taking a children’s tablet. And let’s be honest I’m really a big kid at heart.

In all serious though, I’m currently in one of those weird phases of being sleepy with a slight hint of edginess caused by the Benadryl. I’m pretty sure working is probably not one of my wiser moves after having a reaction, but I felt the need to come in and try to wrap up paperwork on a time-sensitive project. So here I am now sitting, waiting (for the paperwork to be routed back to me) and reading the back of the box of Benadryl which warns me about the following:

*marked drowsiness may occur
*excitability may occur, especially in small children
*be careful when driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery

OK, maybe I should stop reading the back of this box and head home...

Before I go, here are my first 10 songs that came blaring from my Ipod after I took my last dose of children’s chewables:

1. The Time of Times – Badly Drawn Boy
2. Just Tonight – Jimmy Eat World
3. You Might Think – The Cars
4. Night Drive – The All-American Rejects
5. L.A. Woman – The Doors
6. Panic-Oh! – Los Abandoned
7. So Much Work – Pete Yorn
8. Geek USA - Smashing Pumpkins
9. 5 Times Out of 100 – Hot Hot Heat
10. Take It On The Run – REO Speedwagon


Rock Chalking on Big Monday/Mark Lives in Ikea

Work today was absolutely insane. You know how some of those Mondays can feel, right? I literally felt like I packed in 4 days of work into 1. So by the time I left the office, I could have sworn it was Wednesday or Thursday. With no inking of the actual day I came home and started chillaxin.

All of sudden my phone started blowing up. Who could it be? To my surprise it was KU Crider rolling in the STL. She was on her way to the watch the Big Monday game with the rest of the KU Alums in the area. I had completely forgotten that tonight was the KU vs. OU match-up. Thanks for the reminder Crider, I'm so ready to Rock Chalk, Jayhawk KU!

In other news it's been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened. KU beat VT in the FedEx Orange Bowl (hey maybe we can be a football school too). I'm currently addicted to Scrabulous. I'm way excited to go see the Band of Horses concert at the end of this month. And did I mention KU Basketball is on...Seriously, could life get any better?

One final thought for the evening before I turn my full attention to college basketball. Over the weekend I came across the report about Mark Malkoff experiment living in Ikea. This guy is hysterical! You may remember that over the summer when he visited 171 Starbucks in NYC in just under 24 hours. Well now he's taking refuge in Ikea and making me laugh. So if you have time check it out:



Happy New Year 2008!!!

So 2008 has officially rolled in! I’m just so darn exuberant for the New Year. I can hardly contain myself...Yippee 2008…Can’t you tell?
If I wanted to be official and all I would try to recount my accomplishments from 2007 before allowing you to peek into my goals for 2008. Unfortunately, my legal council has advised me against releasing my reactions to the previous year or promoting my resolutions for this year*.

Instead I hope you all can find a way to personally reflect the sorrows, joys and accomplishments that you received in 2007. And hopefully 2008 will shine a light of
happiness and success on all the roads that you choose to travel.

In the meantime here are first few songs spewed out my Ipod this morning when I got to work:

1. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands - Band of Horses
2. On Earth – The Sundays
3. Candy Everybody Wants – 10,000 Maniacs
4. Love Me Two Times – The Doors
5. One I Love – Coldplay
6. Tomorrow Comes – Edie Brickell
7. Fake Frowns – Death Cab for a Cutie
8. Bodysnatchers – Radiohead
9. Way to Blue – Nick Drake
10. Maze – Phish
11. Something Pretty – Patrick Park
12. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing – Jack Johnson
13. My Happiness – Elvis Presley
14. Cryin’ – Aerosmith
15. Go On Ahead – Liz Phair
16. Jokerman – Bob Dylan
17. Girl – Tori Amos
18. Sweetest Thing – U2
19. Back On The Chain Gang – The Pretenders
20. Anyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches

What a calm way to shuffle into the New Year!

*This will make me compliant with ISO 9000/Six Sigma/Performance Evaluation Standards for 2008, etc…and will reduce my liability on any past, present or future claims in regards to defaulted resolutions.