Freewheeling Friday

It’s time to get this party started people! Current temperature is 64 degrees and falling on January 20th at 1:14pm*.

Right now I’m sitting here with Norm the Gnome chilling like a villain. Or shall I call him DJ NormEGnome Fresh? Not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but my little gnome has vacated his Astroturf and strategically moved himself closer and closer to my Ipod in the past few weeks. He must be in desperate need for some tuneage too! No matter the case, we are both sitting here jamming out at my desk to an Ipod Remix. Ya know kicking it a little before I head off site to a meeting.
I then predict a reunion with NormEGnome, where we will share a quiet cappuccino and listen to some more tunes. Then I will toil away to wrap a few more odds and ends piled up on my desk. Then I will get ready to break free with that ever so tempting 5pm dash. On your marks…Get Set…I’m outta here :-)

Then we can mark it off my calendar. And I will then be able to commit myself fully to another fun, freewheeling Friday. That’s right folks bring on the friends, the laughs, the good times and some RUACH (“Spirit” in Hebrew). So if I get a little rowdy, don’t protest, just join in the celebration of another fulfilling week.

And as I close the chapter of this week, let us reflect upon a few mere sparks:
*Floor seats for the Grizzlies vs. Spurs game on MLK day – not only a great game, but had a great message, special guests (Alabama Blind Boys, Elmo & the Shades, Bill Russell, etc.)
*Driving a brand new Hummer off the lot (I will probably never own one, but it was kind of cool to drive it off like it was mine. And I can always say I drove it first!)
*Watching Death Cab for a Cutie on SNL (I may seriously never delete this from my DVR. I “Heart” that Ben Gibbard fellow!)

**Please note that this is a courtesy call from our friend’s at Captain D’s.


Rock Chalkless Nights

There was no joy in Lawrence, KS or Memphis, TN since the mighty Jayhawks & Grizzlies have now both dropped 2 games in a row. As I sit here and type this message out…my heart sighs just a little bit.

I get a bit misty-eyed thinking about how KU has now lost to both K-State aka “The Purple-Power Kittens” & Mizzou aka “Muck Fizzou” within a mere 48-hour period. What’s the freaking deal? We lose to both sworn enemies in one fail sweep? I’m almost at a loss for words…

Physically it pains me to know KU’s 2006 season has boiled down to these two losses, but now I’m trying put a positive spin on the situation. First off – I’m happy for K-State. Partially because my friend RJet (who recently became engaged) now can go about his merry way knowing that his alma mater doesn’t stink that bad.

I mean it only took the power kittens 31 tries to finally put that W in the record book, but they finally did it. RJet - let us just call this little victory an early engagement/wedding present for ya! So don't forget this generous gift. And let me ask you a quick question – weren’t you still in school the last time they beat good ole KU? I thought they said it was 1894, oops I meant 1994. Oh how the time flies…

And then of course I’ve got my close KU pal Crider (another recently engaged friend). She’s getting ready to join herself for richer or poorer, in sickness & health to a Missouri Tiger grad for ETERNITY. They are one happy & cute couple, until KU/MU game day arrives. No worries though my Rock Chalk friend - we still have our 2005 football victory :-)

Just please don’t make any bets that will lead you to ever have to wear that dreaded black and gold. Again, let him know it’s just an early engagement/wedding present. There will be no need to make a big affair about the victory. I’m just hopeful that we won’t be Rock Chalkless situation over our archrivals in next round of match-ups this season.

BTW – I had to DVR the KU/MU match-up last night because I watched the Griz drop another one to San Antonio at the FedEx Forum. Thanks to Zig for giving me a live play by play of the KU/MU game when it went into overtime. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for part 2 – I “Heart” Griz/Rachiley Rocking the FedEx Forum.



What's up ya'll? Well for me it's been quite an interesting week rocking and rolling around town. Last week brought a bit of adventure, romance, luck and some new forms of relaxation. I spent a great majority of the week really trying to get back into the swing of everything. Seeing as it was my first full week back in the office for 2006. And my pal Kac is officially a married Swiss Miss, which meant no more wedding stuff going on. I attempted to make plans with folks who I hadn't seen in weeks. And I decided to try to tackle a new workout regimen for 2006.

So let's chat about the new workout ideas for a sec. Starting a new program or restarting a new program is always rough. I tend to get very bored going to the gym day in or out. So that's why I usually vary with indoors and outdoors activities. But a friend convinced me I should join the gym near my house. This way we could occasionally work out together and keep each other motivated. Yesterday she convinced me to try the gyms Yoga class. So I go and this is my adventure:

LilVin: "How are you liking it?"

Rachiley: "Is this supposed to be relaxing?" (slight giggling ensues)"

LilVin: "You get used to it."

Rachiley: "I'm not sure I'm breathing right. Or even doing this right..."

LilVin: "Do you have asthma? I think you're doing great, it just gets some taking used to..."

Rachiley: "No, I don't have asthma. You've seen me workout and run. I'm just not keeping up with the breathing according to the instructor. And I look like a flippin' moron trying to twist!"

At the end of the class my friend went to go change and the instructor came up to chat with me. She actually said that I did really well in the class. She even thought it had looked like I had taken some classes before. She hoped to see me again in the future. It was hard for me not to blatantly laugh in her face as she seemed to be very sincere about my efforts. Honestly, I was terrible at the Yoga. Who knows I may try it again since I did feel a bit of relaxation after the naptime portion. Let's face it though - I'm the straight little twig pretzel trying to fit into twisty pretzel world.

Relaxation doesn't come easy to me. Maybe it's truly an acquired state of mind. I'll let ya'll know if I decide to get a yogalicious again in the near future or if I just stick with a more traditional plan of action.


Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard! My name is Rachiley and I will be your host on this blogventure. The destinations and discoveries will be unknown, but hopefully it will be an exciting journey that will lead to a little self-discovery and loads of fun along the way. I can't think of a better way to start off 2006. So sit back and relax, because I think we are about ready for take-off!