Sarah Silverman vs. Jimmy Kimmel

Sarah and Jimmy have been keeping me in stiches over the last week with their on-air antics. If you haven't please check out their videos:

"I'm F*cking Matt Damon"

"I'm F*cking Ben Affleck"


KU vs. UCLA - 12.2.95 - Rock Chalking Old School

This was hands down the best basketball game I ever saw at Allen Fieldhouse and probably my entire time at KU, if not ever*. It was my freshman year and I lived across the street from the Fieldhouse. I remember walking over with my friends really early on a chilly December morning to meet up with some other friends who had been camping out for us for seats since we got back from Thanksgiving. We ended up with prime seat selection under the basket for this showdown between these two historic basketball programs.

The Kansas Jayhawks' started Jacque Vaughn, Paul Pierce, Raef LaFrentz, Scot Pollard and Jerod "Floor Burns" Haase against the defending national champion UCLA Bruins. I couldn’t contain my excitement as the game progressed. It was certainly chilly outside, but things were definitely heating up in the “Phog.” KU came back from being 19 down to beat UCLA (for the first time) by 15. It was probably one of my most favorite memories of KU and KU Basketball! So please watch and enjoy (and maybe you can find the Freshman me too):

*This could be my favorite basketball moment, but I have to admit going to the Final 4 (even when we lost) was a pretty darn good experience too.


Veggie Kind of Life

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with one of my oldest friends. Typically I make it a habit not to share these conversations in my blog, but I have to say I’m actually quite impressed at the challenge she and her boyfriend are about to embark on.

Wendy and Gordon* have announced yesterday that they are going vegetarian for 30 days. And if it works out during the trial period it might become a permanent life style change.

I’ve known Wendy has been reading a book called the “Skinny Bitch” because we’ve had some discussion about it at length. The book, which is on/was on the New York Times bestseller list, definitely provides a controversial approach/discussion to diets and veganism. But whatever your personal stance on the situation may be in regards to the book, it makes people think (which is half the battle).

This book and living a healthy lifestyle was enough to inspire them both to take a chance. So yesterday they made it official! Wendy and Gordon are ready to try out this lifestyle (vegetarian not complete veganism). And Wendy had just completed the grocery shopping to prove it. Funny, I see many more trips to Whole Foods/Wild Oats in their future.

And hopefully they might allow me in the future to report again on their progress and challenges as they face the world as newly inducted vegetarians.

*The names have been changed to hide their identity, which allows me to blog about it with permission!


Smoothies, Movies, Hoops and a Total Lunar Eclipse (of the heart)

I’ve picked up a bad habit at work the last few weeks. It involves me having lunch with some co-workers at tropical smoothie across the street. It’s usually the same crowd, but the topics rarely change. Usually the following occurs:

·Debate over what to get - should I have a Blimey Limey or a Toucan Delight smoothie today? Do you think I can go for breakfast wrap still or should I settle with a popeye’s favorite? Hey – do you think we will be charged for this meal now or next month*?

·Someone starts quoting from the likes of Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, Spaceballs, The Three Amigos and more…Then a debate ensues about a quote or a character which means someone has to pull their blackberry and prove they are right.

·A heated discussion involving college basketball is a given on each and every trip. Usually there is a discussion centered around the merits of KU vs Memphis Basketball (which means I’m usually outnumbered). But we will always round out the conversation by talking about Mississippi State, Tennessee, IU, Duke, UNC and Texas. Specifically we love chatting about the coaching smack talk – ya know Roy vs. Coach K., Bobby Knight retiring the team to his son or when will Kelvin Sampson get his walking papers…

·At least one educational tidbit is inspired by the plethora of flat screens located in Tropical Smoothie. Today’s discussion revolved around space, specifically because we will experience a Total Lunar Eclipse tonight. Previous weeks we were obsessed over politics and super bowl predictions.

Ahh, where these conversations start, skew and lead to are up to anyone at the table. But these tropical smoothie lunches definitely provide a stimulating lunch hour away from the office.

Here is my post tropical smoothie playlist for your enjoyment:

1. Pot Kettle Black – Wilco
2. You You You You You– The 6ths
3. Life is Beautiful – Vega 4
4. Howl – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
5. Ache for You – Ben Lee
6. Friends – Ryan Adams
7. Hope – Jack Johnson
8. Magic In The Air – Badly Drawn Boy
9. Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was – Radiohead
10. Bring On the Night – The Police
11. #41 – Dave Matthews Band
12. Moonlight Drive – The Doors
13. A Bad Dream – Keane
14. Safe European Home – The Clash
15. Swallowed In the Sea – Coldplay

PS – Maybe one day soon (when the temp rises) we will travel to tropical smoothie on a short walk, thus reducing our carbon footprint :-)

*Tropical Smoothie had an issue with their credit card batching process, which somehow reflected in most charges showing up on our statements in February. Guess this is a trial an error process when you open a new store, but I’m thinking we need a free smoothie for the inconvenience.


Indigo Girls Revisited

The Indigo Girls returned last night to play the Rose Theater at the University of Memphis. The venue is kind of small (for a theater), which made the setting very intimate. The music was crisp and vibrant. I was glad to see both Amy & Emily return to Memphis instead of canceling the concert out right, like a lot of musicians do.

This is probably the 5th time I've seen the Indigo Girls perform live and they always leave me wanting more. They just consistently put on a good live show. They balanced out their set with old and new tunes. And I love how they constantly say, "Thanks Y'all" after every song. I was a little bummed that they skipped out on a few songs I wanted to hear, but I guess those are the breaks...no worries, I sang them to myself as I fell asleep last night.

Power of Two

Here is the complete set list from the Memphis show:
Pendulum Swinger
Become You
Hammer & Nail
Three County Highway
Power of Two
Ozilline w/ Michelle Malone
It's Alright
Dairy Queen
Let It Be Me
Shame On You w/ Michelle Malone on harmonica
Get Out The Map w/ Michelle Malone
You & Me of the 10,000 Wars
Jonas & Ezekial
Least Complicated
Money Made You Mean
Prince of Darkness
Johnny Rottentale
Closer to Fine w/ Michelle Malone

Gone Again w/ Michelle Malone


Alternate Universe

I've been living in an alternate universe the past few days. Mainly due to the fact that I've been achy and cranky with some sort flu like symptoms. It's almost like I've been in mirage...

In the past few days my co-worker seems to be exercising and working at the same time. She has gotten me into the stupid habit of sitting on the ball when she is in meetings. Check it out, how can you resist?

And then to top things off KU lost to Texas on Big Monday. It was quite a sad evening, but what saddened me the most was Parker’s loyalty. Sitting with the longhorn faithful….please!



What a great tune by The Tragically Hip. It's soft, sweet and a bit somber. I guess it kind of reflects my current mood. I rediscovered this song off a mix cd that I found last week from an old friend (i think the cd was given to me about 6 years ago). I've been listening to it on and off the past few days, but it was a perfect back drop for driving around and running a few morning errands on Saturday. This song however, just seems to evoke a lot and I love the following lines:

"maybe I'll go to New York,
I'll drag you there
you said, "no one drags me

Does it diminish your
super-capacity to love"


Sleep The Clock Around

And the puzzle will last till somebody will say
"there's a lot to be done while your head is still young"
If you put down your pen, leave your worries behind
Then the moment will come, and the memory will shine


Wonders of Wheatgrass

This morning I ran into Wild Oats on the way to the office to get a smoothie. I usually reserve the fruit smoothie as a treat to myself when I'm not working or after a workout, but today I was feeling a little blue and it’s still so gray/gloomy from the storms last night. So I decided what the heck - Mango Colada time it is!

I paid for my smoothie and walked up to the bar, where they prepared my drink. While I was standing there a very chipper guy (another customer) started talking to me. He was getting his daily wheatgrass & juice fix. Here is a bit of our conversation:

Wheatgrass Guy: “Hi, good morning to ya!”

Me: “Umm, hi…”

Wheatgrass Guy: “What are you getting?”

Me: “The mango smoothie…”

Wheatgrass Guy: “Ohh, that’s good. Have you ever had a wheatgrass shot?”

Me: “Umm, nope…”

Wheatgrass Guy: “Well they are great for you. It helps your heart, improves your digestion, fights cancer…It’s pretty much good for well everything”

Me: “It’s grass.”

Wheatgrass Guy: “You should try one. I’d like to buy this lady a wheatgrass shot. Make me another. Will you please try it?”

He then proceeded to spend another few minutes convincing me of the benefits of the daily wheatgrass usage and that I might actually like it. I finally just gave in and drank the darn thing.

By then my smoothie order was up, I thanked the Wheatgrass Guy who said, “No problem, off to work, have a good day!”

He then put on his headphones and walked out. I probably had a very puzzled look on my face as I started to sip my smoothie, because the silence was broken by the guy behind the Juice bar. The juice bar guy said, “Rachel, you two are both in here enough that I’m sure you will see him around again.”

Needless to say it was just another chance encounter that makes up a composite of my life. And now I’m left thinking about the wonders of wheatgrass, this weird after taste and the randomness of life.


Super Tuesday/Fat Tuesday

I hope everyone, of legal age of course, is taking advantage of their opportunity to go out and vote today. Times like today are some folks only chance to voice their opinion.

Black or White, Right Wing or Left Wing, Jewish or Christian it doesn't matter; the choice is left up to you and your vote. Sometimes the candidate you back wins, sometimes they lose. But at least you are allowed to be a part of the process, which isn't the case for many folks around the world.

I've been exercising my right to vote since 1995 and hope to continue to be able to cast a vote as long as I can read the ballot. I followed the election for work in 2000 when I worked for a newspaper, which nearly burned me out on politics forever. But I surprised myself by helping campaign for a candidate a bit in 2004. Like I said before, the process intrigues me.

So again, I encourage you to vote today. Research, read and learn about who you think would work best for you and your community. And rock the vote – it literally takes about 2 minutes.

PS – Some people fondly call today Super Tuesday (for the election), but it also coincides with Fat Tuesday this year…Ahh to be gluttonous and partake in some Mardi Gras action today. A king cake, some bead tossing and a few adult libations. Definitely a better way to spend the day, instead of being cooped up behind a desk.


Indigo Girls Postponed

I'd been excited all week for 2 days of Music. First seeing Band of Horses and the following day the Indigo Girls. Unfortunately my musical evening ran dry last night. As my friends and I were eating dinner we were informed that the show had been cancelled. At first I was choosing not to believe it, but as word spread like wildfire throughout the restaurant, I realized this was no hoax.

It didn’t stop us from driving up to U of Memphis campus to see the signs for ourselves.

I was bummed, but seriously why does SPE look so darn chipper? Whatever the case may be we will now have to revisit this topic on 2.13.08. And I hope Amy feels better soon!