Austin City Limits

Years ago (ok - during high school), my friends and I would rush home on Saturday evenings to catch SNL. Those days have come and gone with the introduction of things like beer, darts, board games and a great little invention known as a DVR.

Do you know what I now love coming home to on Saturday nights? No, it's not Mr. Wonderful. I enjoy coming home to catch Austin City Limits (or my DVR’d version of it) on the Memphis local PBS – WKNO. What makes it even sweeter is when it's one of my favorite bands.

The beauty of Austin City Limits is that they showcase music inside and out. And there is always a wide variety of artists willing to showcase their new and old tunes. Plus they are very good about featuring artists who are on the cusp of being discovered by a mass audience.

That’s why I’m not in favor of looking weeks ahead to see who will be featured on Austin City Limits. Instead I choose to be pleasantly surprised when I tune into ACL and someone like R.E.M. (who was featured on Saturday) just happens to be playing! Or a new artist is showcased and somehow they really make my ears perk up.

So if you’re a music fanatic, enjoy the occasional good tune or just interested in catching a show you might not see in your local area. I would suggest you make Austin City Limits a destination since they’ve been serving up a solid musical fare since 1975.